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Heatless Curler

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A new way to curl your hair without heating up your hair


Effortlessly achieve stunning curls without frying your hair - SHy Heatless is the most natural way to create beautiful curls with no heat, breakage and damage!Perfect for lazy girls, just wrap and lock your hair up for minutes to get instant secure curls! Made with soft, lightweight material that is comfortable to sleep in, these will deliver amazing result on all hair types in different length!


  • Naturally Bouncy Curls
    Effortlessly create long-lasting curls and waves with no heat, skills and styling!

Heatless Curler – WaBazaar

  • Heatless & Damage-Free
    It is an effective yet hair-friendly solution to achieve curly hair with no heat and breakage.

Mahollen™ Heatless Curling Rod

  • Long-Lasting, Voluminous Curls
    Give you secure curls with volume that last all day long.

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  • Time-Saving
    Use it after shower or sleep-in and wake up with beautiful curls effortlessly!
  • Comfy To Wear
    Soft, breathable and comfortable to move and sleep in.

Mulberry Silk Heatless Curler – Beauty Sleep HQ

  • Easy To Use
    Twist a small section of wet or damp hair at the root, hook the styler wand around the it.
  • Perfect for All Hair Types
    Whether you have short / long, fine / thick, soft / textured hair, this kit will deliver the amazing results every time.

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