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Dashing™ Lash Growth Serum

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"This Award-Winning Serum will naturally grow your Eyelashes"

"I've been using this lash serum and look how long my natural lashes grew..."

  • Real Results - Up to 55% longer and 75% more voluminous looking eyelashes. 
  • Cruelty Free - Vegan, Paraben & Fragrance-Free.
  • Easy-To-Apply - Simply coat over your eyelashes each morning and evening. 
  • Oil-Free - Safe with lash extensions and for contact lens wearers. 
  • No skin irritations 

Eyelash Growth Serum – The Venus Lash

Your Dream Lashes are within reach

 Our Natural Lash Growth Serum grows stronger, thicker and more resilient lashes. Simply by strengthening the lash roots, and reducing lash breakage, it creates a more defined lash line for more length, density and curl.

The Science Behind It

The natural peptides and minerals in the Serum nourish and stimulate the natural renewal cycle of your lashes.

Result: Strong, shiny & impressively long lashes! No more sticky fake lashes or using mascara. Beautiful lashes all day long, even when you just wake up.

4 Phases to strong, curly and impressively long eyelashes:

It takes only 10 weeks to reach the maximum effect of the serum. You will love it! You never have to use nasty lash extensions or lots of mascara ever again. 


We recommend you apply our serum directly on the root of your top lashes from the inner corner in an outwards direction (the lash line) everyday at night before you go to bed.

Make sure your lashes are dry before applying the product.

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